Quick Start Guide

A great place to start. Contains an explanation of how to setup Sparrow to connect to a public server, and create your first wallet.

Connect to Bitcoin Core

Make your wallet private by connecting Sparrow to your Bitcoin Core node using this guide.

Setup a Coldcard wallet

Secure your bitcoin by using Sparrow with a Coldcard hardware wallet.

Spending Privately

Learn how to protect your privacy when spending from Sparrow.

Best Practices

Learn which Sparrow configuration is best for you at each stage in your Bitcoin journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading this may help you figure something out, or improve your understanding and usage.

Server Performance

Compare and contrast popular Electrum server implementations for your needs.



As an open source project Sparrow Wallet does not have a support team. Instead, there is an active community-managed Telegram group: @SparrowWallet.

Please be aware that there are many scammers on Telegram! The group admins (or “Sparrow support”) will not DM you.